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Published: 11th November 2009
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Circle E Candles have been a leader in the scented candle making industry for quite some time. Even now, all of their candles are hand-poured for the finest quality. The first thing you'll notice about the Circle E Candle is the elegantly designed candle jar. Unlike 99% of the other leading candle makers, Circle E has chosen a finely crafted heavy square glass jar. The square jar set this candle apart from the others to give it a less generic look. Each jar is labeled with an elegant gold leaf label that features the name of the candle scent.

Though the jar of the Circle E Candle is very nice, you definitely haven't seen the best of the Circle E Candle. The real beauty of this candle line is what's inside. Each candle jar is filled with only the finest waxes, fragrance oils and wicks you can find today. You will be delighted the first time you light up a Circle E Candle to find how refreshing their unique scents are and how smooth each candle burns. The top selling scent of the Circle E is their Bird of Paradise candle which offers an exceptional blend of scents including Strawberry and creamy Vanilla. Hands down, this one scent is recognized as the highlight of the entire Circle E Candle line. Additional popular scents include Apple Strudel, Country Morning, Buttery French Vanilla, Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla, and Gourmet Sugar Cookie. They also have a few top-selling Christmas scents worth mentioning that include Silver Bells, Chocolate Mint and The Smells of Christmas.

Another great feature of Circle E Candles is their exceptional value and size. The majority of leading candle brands feature a 22 oz. or 25 oz. jar as their largest jar candle size. For instance, the largest Yankee Candle is a 22 oz. jar that retails for $24.99. With Circle E Candle, you get way more candle for your money. The large size Circle E jar candle offers a whopping 40 oz. of scented candle wax for only $25.95. By purchasing this size Circle E, you are getting nearly twice as much candle for your money. These 40 oz. giants feature 2 wicks and a 220 hour burn time.

One interesting thing about the Circle E Candle company is they do very little marketing and advertising of their product line. While most companies drive their sales with constant ads and publicity efforts, Circle E has always relied on their product to do the speaking for them. They have allowed their exceptional quality candles to produce a customer loyalty that is truly remarkable. Word of mouth advertising has kept the company going strong and the candles sales high. Very few companies these days have the type of product that can create this type of marketing.

So, next time you are looking for an exceptional quality candle that will give you the most bang for your buck, you might consider the time-tested Circle E Candle and see why their loyal followers won't burn any other brand.

About the Author: John Tortorice is an owner/operator of The Lamp Stand online Fragrance Lamp and Candle Superstore specializing in Fine Fragrances, Candles, particularly Circle E Candles, and Home Decor.

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